About Us

This website is run by A Better Way Counseling Center. We began this site as part of our ongoing mission to serve our community. We only accept groups for these listings that are absolutely free (although they might request a donation - and we would include the group only if a donation is not necessary). We receive no money for operating this site.

Our goal at A Better Way Counseling Center is to aid children, adults and families in living fulfilling and successful lives. We believe this is done best through development of better relationships within the context of family, friends, community, self and spirituality. We help people do this by providing a combination of both paid and free services. These include counseling, free support groups and free lectures and no-cost consultations with other professionals and organizations. We also do this by running this website, which offers free listings to the free support groups in the Portland area. Our counseling services include individual, group, family and couples counseling.

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